Stress in the workplace results in Mrs Sabater winning compensation with the help of employment lawyers Michael Lewin.

Mrs Sabater had worked as an employment officer for several years. She had asked to be allowed to work part-time due to her son being diagnosed as having leukaemia.

Her manager was terribly unkind when she asked to work part-time. He told her that her child’s illness was not his problem. From that point on the relationship between herself and her manager broke down too badly to be continued. Our client felt forced to resign due to his constantnasty behaviour and disparaging remarks.

I have been the victim of stress in the workplace and I would like to make a claim using employment lawyers. Our client would not hesitate to recommend us to anyone we do all the paperwork we can on your behalf and you are kept fully updated with progress throughout your case.

We were able to agree a reference with her employer which was our client’s main concern. She is delighted. If Michael Lewin can help you after you are a victim of stress in the workplace please call our team of employment lawyers on: 0844 499 9302.

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