Mr Shillitoe suffered from stress in the workplace; he took employment advice from Michael Lewins lawyers in London.

Mr Shillitoe hadbeen a salesman for many years for the same company. He was a mobile salesman.

Our client was paid a small basic wage and the majority of his wage came from commission. He was belittled in front of the other staff for losing so many clients. Mr Shillitoe showed his boss the paperwork proving that other companies were providing better service for less money to the client. His area manager dismissed the proof and continued to add stress to our client at every opportunity. Our client involved Michael Lewin to help him draft his resignation letter.

I have had a similar case of stress in the workplace; can I get employmentadvicefrom experiencedlawyersin London?
We were able to broker a deal where our client was able to agree the reference that his employer would give him. We also were able to agree a financial settlement between the two parties without the need to attend an employment tribunal. If you have been a victim of stress in the workplace call Michael Lewins lawyers today in London on:0844 499 9302.

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