Michael Lewin helps get Mr Kabischcompensation after he was a victim of stressin the workplace; we gave him legal advice about fighting for justice for his claim.

Mr Kabischworked in a restaurant in a hotel he was the sous chef. To try to make monitory cuts the owner placed his son in to the role of a chef despite him having no training to be a chef.

The chef was in charge in the kitchen but our client expected the owner’s son to adhere to the same menu until he found his feet. On the first evening that the owner’s son worked in the kitchen our client arrived in to work to see a new menu being advertised on the boards outside. Some of the foods chosen for the menu were very difficult meals to prepare and not much pre-preparation could be done. He raised his concerns with the owner who told him where the door was.

Our client really needed the job and he decided to try to work through this difficult situation. Halfway through the shift the owner’s son walked out and our client was left to cope with a new menu alone. He suggested shutting the kitchen but he was not allowed. He resigned immediately.

I have been the victim of stressin the workplace and I would like legal advice about how to make a claim. Mr Kabisch has been surprised that the claims process has been so easy.He has secured compensation without the hassle of having to take his employer to an employment tribunal in court.

If you have been the victim of stress in the workplace; call the professional employment solicitors here at Michael Lewin for legal advice on starting your claim today on:0844 499 9302.

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