Mrs Kabisch winsjustice after having suffered stress in the workplace; Michael Lewin legal advice specialists in the UKget the compensation she deserved.

Mrs Kabisch had worked as a cleaner for the council for many years. She was diagnosed with contact dermatitis. She had to wear special protective clothing to prevent her skin coming into contact with the chemicals she used to clean the premises that she worked on.

She found that the cost of the gloves sleeve protectors and aprons was too much for her to be able to purchase them every month. She had phoned the citizens advice bureau and they recommended that she ask her employer to purchase the items she required to be able to perform her job.

Our client went in to see her manager who said he would buy the protective clothes she needed. The following week she was sacked because equipment was missing! Mrs Kabisch came to Michael Lewin after she found us on the internet.

I have been subjected to stress in the workplace; can I ask an employment solicitorfor legal adviceabout compensation in the UK?
We took the case on a no win no fee basis. We were able to win a substantial compensation package on Mrs Kabisch’s behalf. If Michael Lewin can help you due to stress in the workplace for legal advice or to make a compensation claim call:0844 499 9302 today in the UK.

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