Widespread Stress Amongst The Teaching Profession

Widespread Stress Amongst The Teaching Profession

At Michael Lewin Solicitors we regularly act for members of the Teaching profession in respect of claims for work related stress but statistics published suggest that stress at work continues to rise amongst teachers.

In West Yorkshire and across England and Wales members of the National Union of Teachers recently staged a walk out surrounding growing concerns regarding the excessive workload placed on teachers in addition to changes to pay and pensions.

Ian Stevenson said ‘Teachers levels of workload are unacceptable. The Government’s own survey showed that primary teachers work nearly 60 hours a week and secondary teachers nearly 56 hours a week.’

Meanwhile the Newham Recorder recently reported that the number of sick days taken by Teachers due to stress depression anxiety or other mental health problems has more or less doubled in the last 5 years.

Ian Hale Assistant Secretary to the Newham Teachers Association said “It is no surprise to me but nonetheless shocking that there is an almost doubling of the numbers of teachers off work due to stress related illnesses.

Mr Hale went on to say “In the current environment of increasingly unrealistic targets imposed by the government it is obvious why so many are falling ill and leaving.”

The Department of Education responded by saying that measures are in place for Headteachers to monitor the stress levels of their staff.

I have to say that my own experience of acting for Teachers sheds a very a different light on the situation that what is portrayed by the Department of Education. Stress amongst teaching staff is a major problem with more or more Teachers going off with stress due to the constant curriculum changes OFSTED inspections difficult children and excessive workload. These issues are further compounded when staff go off with long term sick because this inevitably places further pressure on the remaining staff.

I have also found that there is a certain degree of bullying which often goes on in schools often from Headteachers or members of a schools leadership teams placing unreasonable demands or deadlines on staff.

If you believe that you have suffered stress at work and you would like advice regarding making a claim please call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302 or email stress@michaellewin.co.uk.

Richard Coulthard

Head of the Stress at Work Department

Michael Lewin Solicitors

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