Criminal Injury Claims Rise Particularly By Teachers

Criminal Injury Claims Rise Particularly By Teachers

Although money can not eradicate the mental and physical distress caused by violent crimes its victims over the past 2 years have seen some form of justice as the Criminal Injury Compensation Tribunal pays out €15 million.

This money has gone towards the victims themselves who have suffered personal injuries at the hands of someone else’s violence or to family members in cases of death. The payout is said to be considerate of medical treatment funeral expenses loss of earnings dental treatment and travel expenses.

The total amount of compensation awarded has risen considerably in comparison to previous years. The most shocking being a large increase in claims of attacks made by teachers.

Just last week 61-year-old Amy Maguire was stabbed to death by a 15-year old boy as she taught her lesson and a 33-year-old teacher in West Midlands was injured whilst breaking up a fight between two pupils.

There has also been an increase in the amount of criminal injury claims made by police officers since last year. A total of nine police officers have already been compensated this year for criminal injuries with the payout amounting to €625 305.

However are crime rates increasing or are the Criminal Injury Compensation Tribunal becoming more lenient?

A survey by the Sunday Times has reported that the number of overall criminal offences has risen by 6 percent in England and Wales alone. The West Yorkshire police covering Leeds and Bradford have stated a 15 percent increase in crime rates with one of the main offences being muggings!

Around 86 applications have already been made for compensation this year. As the payouts continue to rise raising awareness about victims of crime has never been so imperative. Claims can still be made if the person guilty of offence has not been convicted. Contact us for more information if you have been involved in a criminal injury.

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