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Termination Of Employment Letter – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Is your business looking to make the termination of a contract of employment and you are now seeking advice in regards to creating a letter to provide an employee with at your business in Bradford? With the increase of the ?claim culture? within the UK and with more and more employers taken to the Employment Tribunal on an annual basis it has never been more important for your organisation to dismiss a member of staff in a lawful and fair manner. The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to discuss your legal obligations in terms of giving notice to terminate an employment relationship and they will be able to ensure that you do this in a lawful manner to help you avoid litigation.

Many businesses do find it difficult to dismiss a member of staff with the fear of facing employment tribunal action always at the back of the mind. It is no longer acceptable to terminate a contract of employment just by the form of a letter it is vital for your business to follow a set disciplinary procedure within your organisation to help you avoid litigation. The ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures sets out guidelines to businesses of all sizes to ensure that organisations do not unlawfully dismiss a member of staff. The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to help you create a highly bespoke disciplinary procedure and also assist in the dismissal process to ensure that your business stays fully compliant with UK law. A common disciplinary procedure that many organisations follow is:

? A verbal warning – if an employee has acted badly with an organisation then a verbal warning is usually required about the issue.
? The first written warning – if this employee does not amend the issue that you first verbally raised then a written warning can be provided to this employee.
? A final written warning – if the issue is no longer solved within your organisation then you can send a final written warning to the employee. You may also wish to invite this employee to a disciplinary hearing to discuss the issues. During the disciplinary hearing the employee is entitled to have someone with them such as a fellow colleague or a trade union representative.
? The dismissal – if the issues continue within the organisation then you can consider dismissing the member of staff. Many organisations do this in a meeting and during this meeting again the employee is allowed to be accompanied. Both in the disciplinary hearing and in the dismissal process you must give the employee the opportunity to appeal.

I have done all of the above and I am now looking to create a termination of contract of employment letter that abides by UK law; will the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors be able to assist my business for this reason in Bradford?

Of course; we can help your business in every single stage of the disciplinary process and help you draft a final letter to terminate the contract of employment. An article which was published in the Courier on 18 July 2013 discusses a bar manager who was awarded œ8700 for unfair dismissal. The article reads ?Hawkwire Ltd who runs White’s Bar in Provost Road must pay Linda Stirling the sum for unfair dismissal pay in lieu of annual leave and breach of contract for failure to give notice of termination of employment.?

If your business is looking to create a termination of employment letter or if you are seeking advice in regards to any aspect of the disciplinary and dismissal process for your business in Bradford you can contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice and assistance today on:0113 200 9720.


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