The Damage To A Vehicle Cannot Determine The Level Of Injury

Earlier this month saw a very lucky escape for the driver of this vehicle travelling along Broadway North, in Walsall.


(Courtesy of Express & Star)


The vehicle, having collided with a tree, sustained severe damage. However, the driver miraculously walked away and required no medical attention.

As Road Traffic Accident experts, we often find that severe damage to a vehicle often correlates to serious injuries to the occupants of the car. However, this is not always the case. As is seen in the above example, some occupants can be very fortunate and walk away with little to no injuries after serious accidents.

On the flip side, it is sometimes possible to sustain serious injuries in minor collisions. The level of damage sustained to the vehicle is not always relevant to the severity of the injuries.

Other than the level of vehicle damage, the nature of injuries sustained by occupants can be influenced by other factors, including:

  • The position of the occupant;
  • The direction of the impact;
  • The size and type or vehicles involved;
  • Any pre-existing weaknesses the occupant may have;

It’s also been proved that if the injured individual seeks immediate medical attention and receives the appropriate treatment, their injuries usually resolve much faster.

Although occupants who have been involved in a minor collision will often find themselves having to prove that their injuries were accident-related, this is easily achieved by the dates of any relevant GP attendances and the lack of any pre-existing injuries.

The driver of this vehicle had a lucky escape, however, many others are not that fortunate.

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charlotte harman


Article written by Charlotte Harman, Trainee Solicitor for the Road Traffic/ Employment Departments at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

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