The Price of a Safe Birth

Andrew Walker, a senior London coroner, has reported to the Department of Health following an inquest into the death of a new born baby.

The sad loss came after the baby’s mother, Tracey Taylor, had requested a caesarean section following complications during her first birth a few years before when she had been told she had a narrow birth canal; notes were not recorded to this effect.

Despite multiple requests for a caesarean the baby’s mother was ignored. The baby sadly passed away following suffering brain damage as a result of being starved of oxygen during birth.

The hospital trust “accepted” that mistakes had been made.

There has been concern expressed that caesareans are avoided as they cost almost double vaginal deliveries. The Health Minister Ben Gummer has said “Treatment decisions in maternity care should always be made by clinicians in full consultation with women. These should be based on a woman’s individual clinical needs and in line with NICE guidelines in terms of best practice.”

Laura Mitchell-Ghafoor, specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Michael Lewin solicitors, commented “Now more than ever it is vital that hospitals listen to and respect the requests of patients; cases like this highlight the problems that exist”.

The hospital will reply to the Report in 56 days.

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