Thermobaby Bath Seats are Drowning Hazards

Thermobaby Bath Seats are Drowning Hazards

Thermobaby seats which were sold on Amazon have had to be recalled because of drowning risk.

The baby bath seat didn’t meet safety standards one of the standards it needed was that it had to be stable.

The baby bath seat is at risk of tipping over and because of that is a drowning hazard.

Customers have been told to bring their seat back for a refund.

Around 4500 of the seats were sold. Although these were primarily sold in America they may have been orders for them for all over the world.

If you have been affected by something of similar nature then you must take the following steps:
1. Keep the box or receipts you have as proof of purchase.
2. Contact a member of our team on 0113 200 9720

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