Research Determines Three Separate Types of Burnout Caused By Stress at Work

Research Determines Three Separate Types of Burnout Caused By Stress at Work

A recent article published by the Washington Post states that in the USA employers believe that stress at work is the number 1 lifestyle risk.

Much research has been undertaken into stress at work but a research team led by Jesus Montero-Marin of the University of Zaragoza in Spain resulted in some interesting findings into how there is a correlation between coping mechanisms used by people suffering with stress at work to the type of burnout they are experiencing.

There are three subtypes of ‘burnout’ which can be described as follows:

  • ‘Frenetic’ – This relates to people who are overloaded or have excessive workloads.
  • ‘Under-Challenged’ – This relates to people who feel that they are not being trained or developed or feel undervalued.
  • ‘Worn – Out’ – This relates to people somewhere in between the above two categories but is typically people who feel the need to neglect or give up on work.

Interestingly the research from The University of Zaragoza suggests that those suffering with ‘Frenetic Burnout’ were most likely to vent about there emotions or alternatively they would assess a means to solve the problem. In some case people turned to religion.

The ‘Under Challenged’ Category on the other hand had a tendency for ‘Cognitive Avoidance’ or distancing themselves from work or their colleagues.

Employers need to look out for signs of burnout and the signs can be plain to see particularly if you had a member of staff who was previously ambitious and enthusiastic but have become disengaged slow or ineffective for no apparent reason.

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