Are times a-changing for airlines paying flight delay claims? Ask Ryanair!

The Regulation that allows passengers to claim compensation after experiencing a flight cancellation or are delayed in arriving at their destination by three hours or more is in place to afford a high level of protection to consumers.

In a landmark ruling, the Courts have again held in favour of passengers, meaning that airlines cannot restrict the time limit that passengers have to claim.

Under the Regulation passengers have 6 years to claim- meaning that if you’ve had a delay or cancellation you at any point since 2009 you may be entitled to compensation for each member of your party who was affected (even children)- but many airlines have tried to reduce this in their terms and conditions.

We’ve all clicked the “accept terms and conditions” box when buying or booking any number of things on the internet and Ryanair are just one of the airlines who attempt to limit their passengers’ right to claim within those terms, from 6 years as previously decided in Dawson v Thomson Airways [2014] to just 2.

Judge Platts, sitting at Manchester County Court today ruled that whoever had drafted the airline’s terms and conditions had not considered the 6 year time limit when putting the document together and that passengers do have the full 6 years to bring a claim.

The decision is likely to prove unpopular with airlines that have been at the helm of several legal decisions against them in recent months. Are you one of the millions who thought they were out of time to claim but may be entitled to compensation?

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