Lawsuit Against Tinder For Sexual Harassment And Gender Discrimination

Whitney Wolfe former vice president of dating app Tinder has filed a lawsuit against her co-worker Justin Mateen for abusive and threatening behaviour. She claims her harassed her for a total of 18 months and was eventually forced to resign as management brushed her complaints under the mat.

Wolfe’s lawsuit states that the pair dates on-off since February 2013 due to his verbally controlling and abusive behaviour which became worse after the split. He began sending her texts during work calling her a “liar” and a “slut” all of which she has evidential proof. He called her a “whore” publicly at a company party and began harassing her continuously threatening she would lose her job. Below are some of the texts Mateen sent:

She also stated that her title as co-founder was stripped because of her gender with the excuse that five co-founders was too many and that it was “slutty” for Wolfe to be co-founder of a “hook-up” website. They tried to justify their decision further by referring to Facebook and Snapchat saying that they did not have any female co-founders and to do so would make Tinder look like an accidental success.

In response to the allegations the company stated that Mateen has been suspended during an ongoing internal investigation but that thus far in the process it has become clear that Mateen sent Wolfe private message containing inappropriate content. However they did say that the allegations made against their management in terms of ignoring her complaints were unfounded.

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