You can make a tinnitus claim for personal injury compensation if excessive noise has led to you suffering from this disorder in association with any other hearing disorder.

It is important to remember that tinnitus alone is not actually classed as an industrial disease. You are only able to claim compensation for tinnitus if it is being suffered alongside a further hearing disorder that has developed as a result of excessive noise in the workplace. Your hearing loss compensation award will be adjusted accordingly if tinnitus is being suffered along with another hearing disorder that has been caused by exposure to excessive sound levels at work.

Tinnitus as a disorder on its own whether it has been developed as a result or excessive sound in the workplace or not will not qualify for a compensation award. You cannot issue claim proceedings against your employer if tinnitus is the only injury or illness you are suffering from as a result of your working conditions.

Even though tinnitus is a very common disorder amongst those that work in excessively noisy environments we cannot issue proceedings unless you also have another hearing disorder alongside. Tinnitus can be identified by the sufferer hearing a constant buzzing humming or whistling noise; some suffers describe the noise as ?white noise? like the sound associated with unprogrammed radio channels.

Making a tinnitus claim is a simple and easy process if you make a no win no fee claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors. Making a tinnitus claim with us is effectively a cost fee process too.

How is it cost free?

There is a cost to making a personal injury claim obviously; our services do not come for free. We describe the legal representation we offer as effectively cost free because we are so confident in our ability to settle qualifying claims that our fees are paid for by the other side when the claim is settled. You incur no costs for this and you are able to keep 100% of your compensation. If your case is not successful then you really don?t have to pay our fees!

Mr E made a tinnitus and hearing loss claim after he suffered a loss of hearing and also a constant noise he describes as ?whooshing?. Mr E would not have been able to make a claim for tinnitus alone but because he was diagnosed as suffering with a degree of deafness he was able to make a deafness claim with tinnitus as an associated disorder. Michael Lewin Solicitors were extremely pleased to be able to settle Mr E’s claim in such a timely manner and award him with the compensation he was legally entitled to for the display of neglect quiteopenly admitted by his employers. Mr E received an award of £6350.00 for his hearing loss.

To start your tinnitus claim today on a no win no fee basis with the help of an experienced and qualified hearing injury specialist from the personal injury division of Michael Lewin Solicitors you need to call: 0844 499 9302 or email

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