Do you think you are entitled to make a tinnitus claim in London because you have suffered damage to your hearing due to working in an excessively loud environment?

Michael Lewin’s tinnitus experts are here to help any work related tinnitus victim claim the industrial hearing injury award they are entitled to which is equal to the level of tinnitus they are suffering with. We can guarantee that the amount of compensation we are able to secure on any victims behalf will be on a level with the expected amount they should receive for the tinnitus they have suffered. No matter what degree of tinnitus a victim is suffering from there is an industrial deafness executive here who can help them claim the recompense they are legally entitled to.

You can only make a claim for tinnitus if your symptoms of having the complaint are accompanied by an additional hearing problem. You have to have been diagnosed as suffering from an additional hearing complaint combined with tinnitus if you want to claim tinnitus compensation as an additional part of your hearing claim. Awards for tinnitus compensation are not given for tinnitus as a single ailment. Tinnitus is caused in a person’s own auditory pathways and this means that it is not classed as an industrial disease or illness but it does mean that awards can be made for tinnitus compensation in addition to a claim for deafness.

You should make a tinnitus claim in London for industrial disease compensation on a no win no fee basis using experts like those on the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin as soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from a degree of tinnitus and you can link it to your working conditions that are not meeting British standards for health and safety.

You may notice a constant buzzing ticking bleeping or humming sound that interferes with your hearing which you cannot get rid of. If you see a qualified hearing expert they may diagnose that you are suffering from a condition called tinnitus. Tinnitus is actually a surprisingly common ailment with at least 10% of the population suffering from the ailment at some point throughout their life. Many people are more prone to suffering than others though people who work in noisy industries where the pressure of the sound is incredibly high are more prone to suffering.

A compensation award for tinnitus was paid to Mr T in addition to the compensation he received for the damage that had been caused to his employer by failing to offer him support whilst working in a loud warehouse. Mr T received a total of £12765.00 for his hearing loss and tinnitus.

Are you ready to start a tinnitus claim for industrial disease recompense in London? Speak to a consultant from the specialist industrial tinnitus department of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial disease claim for work induced tinnitus compensation as soon as possible so you do not miss your window of opportunity. Call: 0844 499 9302

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