Michael Lewin Solicitors are tinnitus compensation claims experts and can help you make a claim for compensation in the UK if you have suffered damage to your hearing due to working in an excessively noisy environment and your employer has failed into their duty to protect you from the noise.

You are only able to claim a tinnitus award if you are also suffering from another work induced condition of the hearing. Tinnitus alone no matter how badly you are affected by it unfortunately is not classed as an industrial disease if this is the only hearing injury symptom you are displaying.

Michael Lewin’s industrial tinnitus executives are here to help any work related tinnitus victim claim the industrial tinnitus award they are entitled to which is appropriate for the level of tinnitus they are suffering from. We can guarantee that the amount of compensation we are able to secure on any workers behalf will be on a level with the expected amount they should be awarded for the severity of the tinnitus they have developed. No matter what degree of tinnitus a victim is suffering with there is an industrial injury expert here who can help them claim the recompense they deserve for their suffering.

You should seek tinnitus compensation clams advice about the legalities of claiming compensation for an industrial disease award in the UK on a no win no fee basis.

You can make a no win no fee tinnitus case using qualified and experienced experts like those on the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin. As soon as you have been diagnosed as suffering from a tinnitus and if you can link it to your occupational environment which does not meet UK standards for health and safety you should look into making a claim.

You may notice a constant buzzing ticking bleeping or humming sound that affects your hearing which you cannot get away from. If you see a professional ear specialist they may diagnose that you are suffering from a condition called tinnitus. The symptoms of tinnitus have been used in the development of the name for the condition. The word tinnitus comes from the Latin word for ringing. Tinnitus is defined as the perception of sound in the absence of any external sound. Some sufferers develop tinnitus in one ear some develop it in both. Tinnitus ranges from mild to moderate to severe and can be permanent temporary of intermittent. Because tinnitus is to by itself an illness or injury you cannot make a claim for this alone.

Miss M made a claim for tinnitus compensation in conjunction for an existing industrial hearing loss complaint. Miss M was awarded £5600.00 for her suffering.

Do you need tinnitus compensation claims advice about seeking compensation for industrial injury recompense in the UK? Speak to a specialist from the industrial tinnitus division of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial tinnitus claim for work induced hearing damage compensation as soon as possible so you do not miss your window of opportunity. Call: 0844 499 9302

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