Tupe Transfer In Bradford

Tupe Transfer – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Is your organisation in the process of going through aTUPE transfer in Bradford and you are now seeking the legal services of a trained business solicitor who can assist? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to manage the process of transferring employees with due care to those involved and we will be able to explain your rights as an employer and your obligations towards your employees.

Why choose the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors if you are going through a TUPEtransfer

We have an entire department that specifically handles all fields of employment law and whether you are in the process of buying or selling a business you need to consider what will happen to existing employees. Our team will be able to help you harmonise employment terms with existing staff and potentially manage the restructure if you are overstaffed in any way. Our dedicated team are focused on the needs of your business and we can provide you with cost-effective solutions in a commercial approach. We take care to understand the priorities of your business and focus on the outcome that you want to achieve. We will put you in touch with one of our specialist solicitors who will have extensive knowledge in TUPE transfers and they will be able to use this wealth of knowledge to ensure that your business stays on the ?right side? of the law.

Businesses who are going through theTUPE transfer can find themselves liable to pay compensation if they do not complete this process in a lawful and fair way. If a business is faced with legal action it can be an extremely daunting and difficult experience with the fear of paying large amounts of compensation to employees or former employees which can impede dramatically on the business’s profitability. The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to provide your business with advice to ensure that you avoid litigation at all cost and we will ensure that your business receives a cost-effective and timely service.

If my business is going through the TUPE transfer in Bradford however I am now facing legal action from a former employee who believes that I unfairly dismissed them through this transfer; will the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors be able to assist?

Certainly; as well as helping you avoid litigation we can also assist if you are facing legal action from a disgruntled employee who believes that the transfer unfairly affected them. We will be able to advise your business on the strength of the claim that is being made against you and then discuss all available options to ensure the most cost-effective method of solving the dispute is selected for your business.

An article which was published in The Telegraph on 23 April 2013 discusses new proposals which are being introduced to simplify the process of TUPE transfer. A particular section of the article reads ?under the proposals companies will find it easier to argue they should not automatically inherit staff working for a current service provider or outsourced product when they take over the contract. This is because new rules expected to come into effect in October will give greater scope for employers to avoid so-called ?TUPE? the transfer of undertakings law.?

If your business is seeking advice in regards to any aspect ofTUPE transfer or if you are facing legal action from a disgruntled employee in Bradford you can contact the highly successful team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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