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The Liverpool Daily Post published an article by Edward Moss September 21 2010 discussing disability discrimination act diversity in the workplace.

The article states that "The UK Disability Discrimination Act came into effect in 1995 (with further amendment in October 2003). From an employers’ perspective is set out to ensure that all staff work without discrimination with colleagues who may have disabilities. All management and staff are obliged to widen their skills where necessary change their attitude in support of people with disabilities."

The DDA has now been superseded by the Equality Act 2010.The article goes on to explain that "The responsibility needs to be shared by all staff and if training is required it must be implemented. Yes great inroads have been made towards reducing discrimination against people with disabilities both voluntary and prescriptive but there is still a long way to go."

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The above-mentioned article also says "And discrimination directives and initiatives have been implemented not only in the UK but throughout the EEC. Business must keep responding (not reacting) not just by implementing an internal anti-discrimination policy but by investing in workforce diversity policies. In fact many have found that these can actually bring important performance enhancing benefits to the business."

It further adds "Yes it can be hard to identify a "diverse workplace" relying as it does on measuring the outcomes of any shift in cultural change in the workplace. But people with disabilities are parents children customers taxpayers employers employees teachers tenants politicians voters and neighbours."

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