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Uk Employment Law – Solicitors; Are you in search of experienced legal professionals with particular expertise in UK employment law to provide advice and representation for your organisation in York? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our experts could offer a wide range of services to your company including advice assistance and representation from diverse array of circumstances.

Personnel Today published an article on Tuesday 30 July 2013 reporting that "Unmeritorious claimant order to pay around œ60000 in costs".

The article informs us of the case – Vaughan v London Borough of Lewisham and others – and reports that the "Employment appeal Tribunal (EAT) approved the employment tribunal decision to require a claim in the pay around œ60000 in costs. This claimant had turned down a œ95000 settlement offer."

It explains "Ms Vaughan brought a series of claims to discrimination (including victimisation) harassment on the grounds of race and/or disability and detriment suffered as a whistle-blower. Vaughan represented herself in the employment tribunal. The employer had made a commercial offer to settle litigation in the sum of œ95000. In making the offer the employer’s solicitors had threatened to apply the costs if Vaughan proceeded with the claim and lost. However at no point in the proceedings had the employer’s solicitors made an application for a deposit (costs) order. Vaughan comprehensively failed in all of her claims. The employer’s solicitor made an application for costs on the basis that the claims were misconceived from the outset and that in bringing and continuing such unmeritorious claims Vaughan’s conduct was unreasonable."

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The above-mentioned article informs us that "The employment tribunal made an award in favour of the employer of one third of the costs to be assessed. The EAT forecast that her actual costs liability would be in the region of œ60000".

The article explains that claimants cannot rely solely on the absence of a costs warning earlier proceedings "as any reassurance that costs will not be awarded in future". It also informs us that a party to the proceedings does not necessarily escape liability of any costs order because of their current financial circumstances. A costs order allows the party in whose favour it has been made to take its own decisions regarding the recovery.

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