Case Study: Constructive and Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal Compensation There are certain circumstances when you may be able to claim unfair dismissal compensation if your employer has not followed the reasonable steps required to dismiss employees correctly. Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to assist you in building a case which will have enough merit to achieve compensation against your employer.

If you have been dismissed from your place of work and you feel an unfair dismissal occurred then this can be classed if your employer doesn?t:

? Have a reasonable or good reason for dismissing you.

? They did not follow the company’s formal dismissal or disciplinary process.

Other situations where your dismissal is likely to be unfair can include any number of the following reasons:

? If you have been told by your employer that you must be flexible in working hours and this is not stated in your contract.

? If your employer refused to give you working time rights for example the right to take rest breaks.

? They tried to make you aware of your rights to receive Working Tax Credits therefore implying that you should leave your position.

? If they terminate your contract as you need time off work for jury service.

? You are dismissed when applying for maternity paternity or adoption leave.

? Exposed to wrongdoing in the workplace this can also be known as whistleblowing.

There are many other reasons why you may have been unfairly dismissed from your work and our team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to assist you in receiving unfair dismissal compensation if you are looking at making a claim against your employer.

We are currently investigating a case on behalf of Mr C from Preston who states that he received a constructive dismissal from his place of work.

Constructive dismissal will branch under the term ?unfair dismissal? and this is where you are forced leave your job against your will because of your employer’s conduct.

The reason you needed to leave your job must be serious to be classed as constructive dismissal and can include any number of the following reasons;

? Your employer did not pay you suddenly or demoted you for no reason.

? They forced you to accept unreasonable changes to how you work for example tell you that you need to work night shifts when your contract states you only need to work during the day.

? If your employer allows fellow employee’s to harass or bully you at your place of work.

You may be entitled to compensation for a constructive dismissal if your employer breaches their contract and this can be for one serious incident or a series of incidents that when put together are considered serious.

The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to talk you through everything you need to know in regards to making an unfair dismissal compensation claim and they can discuss your eligibility over the phone free of charge; to do this why not call one of the team today on:0844 844 9866.

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