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We should be able to provide you with No Win No Fee representation if you have been a victim of Unfair Dismissal

You should speak to one of the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to assist you in building a case which will have enough merit to achieve compensation against your employer.

If you have been dismissed from your workplace and you feel an unfair dismissal occurred when terminating your contract then this can be the case if your employer doesn’t:

  • Have a reasonable or acceptable reason for dismissing you.
  • Your employer did not follow their formal dismissal or disciplinary process.

There are other reasons why a dismissal may be classed as unfair and these can include the following:

  • If you have been told by your boss that you must be flexible in the hours in which you work and this is not stated in your contract.
  • If you were refused ?working time rights? for example the right to take rest breaks and this resulted in you leaving the company.
  • Your employer tried to make you aware of your rights to receive Working Tax Credits therefore implying that you should leave your current job position.
  • If they terminate your contract as you are required to perform jury service.
  • You are dismissed when you put in an application for maternity paternity or adoption leave.
  • Exposed to misconduct in the workplace this is more commonly known as whistleblowing.

If you are the victim of unfair dismissal from your place of work you should use the solicitors at Michael Lewin who work on a ?no win no fee? basis.

We are currently investigating a case on behalf of Mr D from Liverpool who states that he received a constructive dismissal from his place of work.

Constructive dismissal is also a type of unfair dismissal and this is where an employer’s conduct forces you to leave your job.

The reason you needed to leave your job role must be severe to be classed as constructive dismissal and some examples include the following:

  • Your employer did not pay you for the work which you performed or suddenly demoted you for no reason.
  • This employer forced you to accept unreasonable changes to how you work for example tell you that you need to start working night shifts when your individual contract states you only need to work during the day.
  • If your employer allows fellow employee’s to harass or bully you at work or they participate in this themselves.

Michael Lewin Solicitors will happily assist you if you are looking at making an unfair dismissal compensation claim against your employer and we run on a no win no fee basis so why not give our team a call to discuss your eligibility for free on:0844 844 9866.

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