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Unpaid Invoice Letter; Is your company struggling with outstanding debts and he would now like advice from a legal organisation who can issue an unpaid invoice letter to one of your customers in the Doncaster area? If so the team of professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors have considerable experience in this field will be able to assist you with all the information you require surrounding your debt recovery needs.

At Michael Lewin Solicitors we understand the dramatic impact that unpaid invoices can have in your organisation’s finances and business operations as a whole. We also appreciate the stress that can be caused when you have to take time away from the day-to-day running of your organisation in order to try and collect these debts. Our aim is to make the debt recovery process is simple to your organisation and move all the hassle so you can focus on your day job while still feeling that you have a reliable organisation resolving all of your financial concerns.

Due to the impeccable reputation we have achieved over the years one of our team was recently contacted by a potential client who needed assistance to recover a debt of £2660.52 owed by Mr M of Nelson Lancashire. The business tried on numerous occasions to collect the outstanding amounts but have received no response to date from the customer and they are now reaching the end of their tether. They contacted us for further advice on how best to progress this situation in order to resolve it in a prompt manner and not have a detrimental impact on the business finances.

I need advice on how to issue an unpaid invoice letter to one of my customers in the Doncaster area as they have not paid the money they owe for goods and services provided within the agreed contractual timescales; do I have a strong enough legal case to proceed with this further and can Michael Lewin Solicitors assist me in achieving a suitable resolution to my current financial concerns?

As an organisation you may not be aware that when you provide one of your customers or another business with the goods or servicesthat you have a legal right to receive payment for this within the agreed timescales. Due to the experience we have gained from assisting previous clients we will be able to assist companies such as yours if you are placed in this unfortunate situation and any contractual agreement which has been breached by a customer only goes to strengthen your legal position in the matter.

If your company needs to issue an unpaid invoice letter to one of your customers in the Doncaster area due to an outstanding payment which has been overdue for some time; you should contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who can apply their specialised knowledge to your case and provide you with all the support and guidance he needs in order to reach a prompt resolution. Do not hesitate to contact our team today on: (0844) 847 2323


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