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Unpaid Invoices Letter; Does your company have unpaid invoices and you are now looking for an agency to issue a legally compliant letter to your customers in around the Doncaster area? Is this outstanding debt having a detrimental impact on the finances of your organisation which therefore affects your ability to settle your own invoices which are due? If either of these is true you should contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have extensive experience in the field of debt recovery.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have experienced extensive growth over the past 10 years both in the size of our business and the success rate when helping our clients across all legal concerns. Due to this growth Michael Lewin Solicitors have now created a dedicated debt recovery team who will always ensure they keep abreast of any changes in legislation in order to ensure any information they provide you with is both relevant and up-to-date.

The success rate we achieved has only further compounded our impressive reputation across the entire United Kingdom. It is for this reason that one of our team was contacted by a potential client who needed assistance to recover an outstanding debt they had and despite chasing this as yet had had no success. They were owed one that £1573.13 by Mr M of Epsom Downs in Surrey and felt that they were now the end of their tether through chasing this and made the daunting decision to begin legal proceedings against their customer.

My organisation has an excessive level of unpaid invoices and we would like advice on the best course of action when issuing a reminder letter to my customers in and around the Doncaster area;Michael Lewin Solicitors have experience in this field and debt recovery and whether they be able to assist me to resolve this matter whilst still maintaining my customer retention levels?

At Michael Lewin Solicitors we pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients. When you make an initial contact with those you will be allocated a dedicated case manager who will be your sole point of contact through the entire debt recovery process. Our team are is fully transparent with our clients we will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your case and always endeavour to advise you of any associated costs upfront so there are no surprises further down the line. Please also note that where possible we will always endeavour to recoup any legal fees from the third-party debtor concerned in order to maximise the amount of funds you receive in return following a successful outcome to your case.

If you are looking for a legal firm to assist you with unpaid commercial invoices and issue a letter to each of your customers in and around the Doncaster area requesting that the debtor settles; you should contact the team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to provide you with all the guidance and wealth of knowledge they possess in order to reach a prompt resolution to your current financial situation. Do not hesitate to contact our team today on: (0844) 847 2323


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