Delphi Automotives Product Liability Causes 13 Deaths

Delphi Automotives Product Liability Causes 13 Deaths

Car accidents happen daily. 1730 people in Britain alone were reportedly killed in road accidents last year and 23380 were seriously injured. What we don’t expect is that these accidents can be caused by a defect in production.

Delphi Automotives claims innovation for the real world and is one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world. However it has now been labelled responsible for producing defect ignition switches. They have been reported to switch off whilst driving and as a result leave air bags power steering and power brakes inoperable. As you can imagine this hazard has lead to numerous deaths a total of 13 recorded and also many personal injuries.

2.6 million of the vehicles made were recalled in February and March however for some it was already too late. Delphi Automotives currently face two lawsuits – one involving an employee whose daughter was killed last year involving one of the 2006 Chevy Cobalt vehicles and another from a customer who stated that ignition problems resulted in the decrease in value of his car when selling.

Claudia Tapia Delphi spokeswoman stated that during the manufaction process General Motors Co. were working in conjunction with the company and should therefore also face prosecution. The company claims that if General Motors had not approved the use of its faulty ignition it would never have been on the roads in the first place and that is was GM who had set the previous specifications.

According to a General Motors document provided to U.S congressional investigators in 2005 the company decided not to change the ignition switch because it would have added about one dollar extra onto the cost of every car a small price to pay for safety and even life!

If you have suffered any type of personal injury due to product liability contact Michael Lewin now on 0844 499 9302. Defect products are more common than people realise so we also advise that you check the list of recalled products particularly when buying children’s toys and cots etc and remove them from use.

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