Vehicles V Buildings – Whats The Law?

Van hits into building
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Whilst most people are aware of the risk that road traffic accidents could cause injury or loss to other road users or pedestrians, there are many other ways in which a vehicle could cause injury or loss to other people, including home or business owners.

Many car insurance claims arise out of accidents on motorways, main roads or roundabouts.  However, not all accidents involve another vehicle or a third party.

In the event of a collision with a building, the negligent driver’s motor insurers are likely to be approached by the home insurers to seek a recovery of the cost of any damage caused.

Commercial vehicles, such as vans or lorries, often come into close contact with buildings whilst making deliveries or visiting commercial premises.  A simple mistake or lack of concentration by a driver could result in costly damage, or even injury, for which the motor insurers could be asked to foot the bill.  In the case of an employee in the course of their employment, the employers are likely to will be vicariously liable and the employer’s motor insurers who would then will be held responsible for the employee’s negligent actions.

Whilst vehicles pose the greatest risk to other drivers or to vulnerable road users, they are capable of causing damage to homes or businesses on a variety of scales. The more severe of these types of incidents clearly pose a risk to anyone inside the building as well as the building contents.

Motorists need to be aware that their liability when driving extends beyond the road and not just to other road users or pedestrians but to building owners too.

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Article Written By:

  • Laura White RTA Paralegal

    Department: Road Traffic Accidents & Flight delay

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