If you or anyone you know is the victim of a repetitive strain injury in the UK or has suffered a slip trip or fall at work or in a public place call Michael Lewin Solicitors for professional and friendly advice.

If you a suffering from a repetitive strain injury it is advisable to consult a specialist personal injury solicitor before you do anything else. There are countless causes of RSI and some are difficult to prove. Even if there is evidence that a workplace activity has caused an injury many employers will repeatedly deny liability. It is easy to become intimidated by employers and insurance companies so it is crucial to get professional legal help as soon as possible.

RSI is in simple terms pain caused by continuous overuse of the same muscles. Vibrating equipment can cause RSI as can carrying heavy loads. Many injuries are caused by incorrect posture which puts strain on limbs. The upper body is mostly affected forearms elbows wrists hands and shoulders. Pain is frequently accompanied by stiffness and swelling.

Slips trips and falls are the cause of most personal injury claims second to road traffic accidents. Many falls occur in the workplace as a result of poor housekeeping; however public places are just as hazardous particularly large supermarkets which have a high risk of spillages.

Mrs R from Ashton-under-Lyne instructed Michael Lewin Solicitors to help her make a claim for compensation after she slipped on a wet supermarket floor.

The expert team of advisors at Michael Lewin offer a victim of repetitive strain injury or a slip trip or fall in the UK a committed sympathetic and professional service; they assess all claims for proof of liability and advise their clients if they are entitled to pursue compensation in the UK.

Slips trips and falls can also cause whiplash as the action of the head being thrown backwards and then suddenly forwards can occur during a fall in the same way as it can in a road accident. Medical treatment is advisable as soon as possible to reduce the recovery period; however taking legal advice from a personal injury solicitor is also crucial if the victim is not at fault. Like claims for RSI injuries claims for whiplash injuries can be complicated and often liability is repeatedly denied. If a victim has been hurt through no fault of their own they have a right to compensation.

If you have been the victim of an accident either at work or in a public place if you are suffering from a whiplash injury repetitive strain injury or any injury relating to an accident that wasn?t your fault Michael Lewin Solicitors promise to deliver professional and friendly claims advice in the UK call them today on: 0844 499 9302.

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