RSI claims are more complicated because the injuries are caused over time not by a single event; however a victim of RSI can be assured that Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds are trained to accurately assess and prove a genuine RSI claim and help victims claim the compensation they deserve.

Part of an employer’s duty of care is to ensure that their employees are fully trained for the jobs they are asked to do that they have the correct equipment that the environment is suitable and that they have a safe system of work. RSI injuries can be caused by inadequate training poor work stations prolonged activity without rest and activities that require force. All of these activities can put strain on nerves tendons and muscles.

Manual handling training is also an area that is frequently highlighted as a major cause of injuries in the workplace. Lifting carrying pulling and pushing heavy loads incorrectly can cause quite serious injuries.

Mr S from Sandbach injured his back at work lifting a heavy drum on to a vehicle. With the legal expertise from Michael Lewin Solicitors Mr S was awarded £8000.00 at the conclusion of his case.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury specialists can manage any personal injury claim involving employer liability whether their client has had an accident or is the victim of RSI; personal injury law is extremely complex and many people are fearful of making a claim but the expert team of legal advisors in Leeds put their clients at ease and keep them informed every step of the way.

Michael Lewin are trained to assess each case they receive to determine liability for an injury. They can understand where negligence has caused an injury whether it be a manual handling accident caused by unsafe working conditions or RSI caused by an incorrect system of work.

RSI claims will need to show that an employer was aware of the risks but failed to do anything about them. It must also be shown that the injuries are a direct result of the work the employee was doing. Michael Lewin will help clients with this process as they have a wealth of knowledge in this area of personal injury law.

They also have a wide experience of claims involving manual handling injuries and if an employer has failed to follow the correct procedures and has put an employee at risk of injury they will be able to show evidence of this to move a claim forwards to a successful conclusion.

If you have been the victim of a manual handling injury or RSI you don?t have to suffer in silence Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can help you get the compensation you deserve so call them today: 0844 499 9302.

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