Pledge For Stronger International Laws Against Violence

Pledge For Stronger International Laws Against Violence

In tackling violence against women human rights expert Ms. Manjoo has called for new normative and practical measures to be put into action. She claims that we need progression to not merely take place on a national and regional level but rather an international level for a movement that has fixed standards of how to respond to and prevent violence against women.

She claims that the current measures in place are disproportionate in terms of availability. For example there are insubstantial numbers of quality services benefit schemes and employment measures. This can effect both the health and safety of women and children and means that victims of violence have less channels to pass through when leaving violent environments which leads to a higher risk of re-victimisation.

The main challenges to be looked at are: the absence of a legal international agreement at how to address violence against women the shift to gender neutrality in response instead of gender specificity persistent opposing responses privately and publicly the shift in focus to agenda failure to act with persistent and careful efforts and a lack of transferable action on how to address root causes.

Manjoo states that violence against women needs to be made a priority on national agendas. When doing this she claims we need to enhance monitoring evaluation and accountability in order to make a change.

Gender-related violence is extremely common and can stem from anything from domestic violence to random attacks. If you have been subjected to any such incident contact us now for advice on a claim.

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