What Is Equality In The Workplace In The UK

What Is Equality In The Workplace – Solicitors; Are you seeking expert legal advice with regards to what is equality in the workplace to ensure that you are operating fairly and within all current UK employment legislation at your organisation? Then you should make a no obligation call to discover how the extremely dedicated team of legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could use their vast knowledge and experience with regards to employment and commercial law to provide the advice and assistance that you need to ensure that your policies and practices are compliant with equality and diversity legislation.

An article by HR Review published on July 11 2013 reported that "’Foreign’ GPs ‘are discriminated against’".

The article tells of that "Too many GPs who are trained abroad and come to Britain to work are not getting through their Royal College of General practitioners exams because they are being discriminated against it has been claimed".

It further explains "The General Medical Council (GMC) is looking into allegations that failure rates of doctors trained outside the UK are "disproportionate". Similar claims are being made about ethnic minority graduates who are trained in the UK with 24.4 per cent of black candidates and 17.5 per cent of those of South Asian origin failing the exams but among white candidates the rate is 5.8 per cent."

It goes on to say "At the same time RCGP statistics show that 65.3 per cent of foreign trained GPs failed their Clinical Skills Assessment first time around in 2011/12 ? but the figure for medical graduates who studied in the UK was just under 10%".

Have you been looking into your company policies and practices in asking yourself the question ?what is equality in the workplace? at your organisation in the UK? It can be difficult for employers to ensure that they are implementing equality and diversity into the workplace as they should be not only to reap the benefits that it is claimed it can offer but also to reduce the risk of dispute arising that could lead to costly and time consuming legal action being brought against the company; this is where the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors could help you by offering outstanding legal advice that is tailored to suit your business requirements and ensuring that your policies and practices minimise the potential of misunderstandings that could result in a workplace dispute.

The above-mentioned article reports that a spokesman for the RCGP said: "We take equality and diversity issues very seriously and strongly refute any allegations that the exam is discriminatory. Our assessment procedures which are designed to ensure safe patient practice have been approved by the General Medical Council as the regulator."

If you are concerned about what is classed as equality in the workplace and if you are effectively implementing equality and diversity into your business practices you should consult the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors for accurate and personalised advice as well as assistance in drafting and implementing company policies efficiently managing employment disputes and for rigorous legal representation when required for your organisation in the UK by calling: 0113 200 9720.


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