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What Is The Grievance Procedure – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Are you an employer in search of experienced legal professionals who could advise you what is the correct grievance procedure that you should be implemented into your company policies at your organisation in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could offer your company the accurate and personalised advice that is required to ensure that clear fair policies that comply with the ACAS code of practice fully implemented into your organisation.

HR Magazine published an article on 24 February 2012 written by David Woods discussing staff grievances in the workplace.The article states that "Uncertainty around the business environment has increased by 50% over the last two years resulting in high levels of stress workforce discontent absence and presenteeism (working whilst ill) among the UK workforce according to SpeechlyBircham and KIng’s College London".

It further explains that "The State of HR Survey 2012: the age of uncertainty found the issue of uncertainty is greatest within the NHS with respondents reporting ‘moderate a great uncertainty’ about both the current climate in which they had to operate and the size of workforce needed for the forthcoming two years. Longer working hours due to leave the workforce should remain a serious problem. Smaller stretched workforces are driving higher levels of stress presenteeism employee disengagement and staff turnover."

Are you in search of information to find out what is the proper grievance procedure that you should be using to deal with employee conflicts and disputes within your workplace in Manchester? Then don?t hesitate to call the highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our experts could use their vast experience and expertise in the fields of employment and commercial law to ensure that clear fair and compliant company policies and procedures drafted and implemented into your organisation in Manchester as well is advising and assisting in various methods of employment dispute resolution and providing outstanding legal defence when litigation is unavoidable.

The above-mentioned article goes on to say that "57% of organisations invested less HR time and expenditure on high-performance and 79% invested less in non-permanent staff. Correlations show that HR resources reallocated away from poor performers and senior staff to hypertension on high-performance has the potential to increase employee engagement and lower levels of absence with an organisations."

It adds that "HR professionals are failing to predict staff grievances accurately. Grievances by employees in relation to bullying and harassment; relations between staff and management; pain conditions; and stress have all increased year on year since the first HR survey was conducted in 2008. In spite of the sources of grievance remaining constant it is evident that there is a mismatch between what HR professionals have expected and what has actually happened in practice."

For more information about what is the fair and legal grievance procedure that should be implemented into company policies and for assistance in drafting the your company policy documentation as well as assisting in alternative methods of dispute resolution if disputes do arise at your organisation in Manchester call the helpful advisers at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0113 200 9720.


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