Our client Mr F suffered from an accident at work; Michael Lewin can help if you have sustained a whiplash injury and would like to make a compensation claim.

Mr F from Cardiff was 46 when his workplace accident transpired. Our client had been going about his normal duties in work when he slipped on debris left on the floor at work.

He fell badly causing him to suffer soft tissue damage and he was very shaken after the hard fall.

The fall was in no way his fault and he felt that he should be compensated for the accident and the subsequent effect of the accident on his and his family’s finances.

Sometimes either an action or inaction can cause harm to an employee. Actions which could be considered harmful to employers could be something as simple as the removal of the safety guard on equipment. And an inaction which could cause harm could be something such as an employer failing to replace worn or defective piece of equipment. Another frequent inaction is employers not ensuring that warning signs are placed when liquids are spilt on the floor.

Michael Lewin ensures that any claim for compensation is undertaken by their experienced staff who ensure that the claim is dealt with in plain English and that you are kept abreast of developments during the progress of your claim.

If you have suffered a needless whiplash injury and would like to make a compensation claim using Michael Lewin call us today.

Duty of care is a much used legal term which comes into play when a company or organisation does something which could be reasonably expected to cause another person harm either intentionally or through neglect. This harm could be a physical injury or it could be a mental injury. In a workplace the employer must provide a minimum of a reasonable care towards all its employees.

If this duty of care is neglected and subsequently an accident occurs employees are further covered by being able to take their employer to court to get the financial compensation for any harm caused by their employer’s negligence or abandonment of their duty of care.It should be a cooperative action between the employer and the employee whereby it should be the duty of every employer to consult any representatives with a view to making and maintaining arrangements which enable both himself and his employees to effectively promote and develop measures to ensure health and safety at work of the employees in his care.

The employer should also check the effectiveness of the measures which are jointly agreed upon.

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if you have suffered from a whiplash injury and would like to make a compensation claim.

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