Why Choose Michael Lewin Solicitors To Recover Debt?

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Why choose Michael Lewin Solicitors?

We are experienced Solicitors with a high success rate of recovering debts for our clients. We cater for a range of client’s from large corporations to individuals. We are able to act on behalf of clients for all types of debt across all sectors.

How much will this cost?

We have a number of competitive pricing structures available so that we can ensure that each individual client is getting the best possible value for money.

Can Michael Lewin Solicitors recover outstanding invoices?

Absolutely. After assessing the amount owed and adding additional charges where applicable, we will take immediate action. We will proceed with the quickest and most cost effective way for recovering the money for you.

Can I submit more than one debt to be recovered?

You can submit as many debt recovery requests to us as you wish. We are experienced Debt Recovery Solicitors and a use a cutting edge case management system to maximise the chances of making a full recovery from the Debtor. We can assist with single instructions and we also offer volume debt recovery and litigation services.

Is there a minimum amount of money ML Solicitors will recover?

No, we will assess every case differently and liaise with you about the best possible way to recover the money.

How long before I will get the money?

There is no fixed time limit on the debt recovery process as every case differs, however we will look to recovering the money in the fastest possible way.

How long do I have to recover a debt?

You can pursue a debt for up to 6 years from the day it defaulted. That said, the older the debt is the more difficult it can become to recover, so contact us without delay so we can assist you to obtain the money you are owed.

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  • Rob Crompton Head of RTA Department

    Department: Road Traffic Accidents & Criminal Injury

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