Why Put Off Your Spring Cleaning When You Can Do It Now

Taking time out to sort out your possessions

Thinking about a Spring Clean?

The question has been raised as to whether parents should help their loved ones by sorting through their possessions and clearing out all their unwanted and unnecessary possessions before the inevitable happens.

We are all guilty of storing items “just in case” they are ever needed, when really they will remain in the loft or cupboard until we move house. But, what happens to all your possessions after your death?

Your family members and loved ones are left with the task of sorting through all your possessions at a time when they should be grieving. It can be a very time-consuming exercise when there are enough practicalities for family members and friends to deal with after your death.

In some cases, having to sort through a deceased relatives/friends possessions can cause disputes between family members. When one person wishes to keep, sell, throw or give away an item, another may have hoped that they could keep that item for themselves.

You can avoid disputes occurring between your family members and loved ones by naming specific gifts in your Will. You could also give items away during your lifetime if you do not need them anymore.

With Spring around the corner, why not think about going through your possessions and deciding which items are necessary, which can be thrown or sold and which can be put aside for others. You could create a list of the items that you would like certain people to have and you will help your family members/friends by organising the belongings you wish to keep.

Top Tip: After your death, those charged with dealing with your estate will have to sort through all your paperwork to contact your banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers etc. By keeping all your paperwork up to date and in an orderly manner, you will help make this (sometimes daunting) task much easier.

We at Michael Lewin Solicitors can assist you when updating your Will. We recommend that you review your Will every three to five years to ensure that the terms of your Will meet your requirements. We will discuss with you your individual personal circumstances and those of your family and intended beneficiaries when updating your Will. This ensures that we have all the information we need to advise you thoroughly and make any necessary suggestions for you to consider with regard to the content of your Will and the preparation of any other future arrangements (for example – Lasting Powers of Attorney or Trusts) which may need to be considered.

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