Woman Jailed for Boiling Water Attack on Partner

A woman has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after throwing a kettle of boiling water at her boyfriend after suspecting him of having an affair with her daughter Crystal. Helen Corbett said ‘I will show you how mad I am’ to her partner Peter Bailey then threw the freshly boiled kettle at him. Luckily for Mr Bailey she missed his groin and he suffered a large burn to his left thigh.

In a further twist in the tale whilst Ms Corbett was in jail awaiting her trial Mr Bailey and Crystal slept together; on the basis that they were being blamed anyway. Surprisingly following a love letter from prison Mr Bailey and Ms Corbett have agreed to reconcile and give their relationship another chance…proof that nothing can stand in the way of true love!

When giving judgement at Newcastle Crown Court Judge John Evans chastised the ‘unhealthy relationship’ between the Defendant and the victim stating that a custodial sentence was the only way to prevent the couple reigniting their relationship. Any reconciliation in his view was doomed to fail and lead to further violence.

Victims of criminal injuries like this are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. However victims of domestic violence should be aware that returning to their violent partners may reduce their compensation or even prevent them from claiming at all. Any victim of domestic violence should seriously consider the ramifications of returning to a violent partner and approach a reconciliation with great caution.

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Article written by Roisin Paterson – Paralegal for the stress at work department but also works with criminal injury and road traffic accident claims.


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