If you have been the victim of a work accident like Mr A from York who suffered an electrocution Michael Lewin’s caring and exceptionally disciplined team of solicitors can offer you valuable compensation claims advice from their office in Leeds.

30 year old Mr A from York was injured at work when he was electrocuted by a defective plug. Electrocution puts the victim in extreme danger. In very serious cases electrocution can cause a fatality if the electrical current damages the heart or any other internal organs. The amount of damage it can cause depends on the strength of the current and how long the person is exposed to it.

If an employee has been injured by any faulty equipment like in the case of Mr A the employer is liable for their injuries as they have violated their duty of care. All employers must by law provide a safe working environment competent and fully trained staff correct and well maintained equipment and a safe system of work.

An employer can only escape liability if they can prove that they have exercised reasonable care. If a fault was not reported like a defective plug or was reported but not repaired an employer is liable for any accidents that the faulty equipment causes.

If you have suffered any kind of work accident regardless of the circumstances as long as you were not at fault you may be able to claim compensation for your injury so call Michael Lewin Solicitors today for professional claims advice from the personal injury team in Leeds.

Many people are hesitant about claiming compensation as they may feel guilty or are worried they will be faced with expensive legal bills. Michael Lewin Solicitors can put your mind at rest. The law exists so that you can be protected from being injured by another person’s negligence. The law exists to stop the same thing happening to someone else. There is no need to feel guilty because you are only claiming what you are entitled to.

The no win no fee agreement ensures that you are not left with hefty legal fees to pay. Michael Lewin will accept all genuine claims on a no win no fee basis which means they will charge the third party for their legal services not you. This also means that you receive 100% of the compensation..

Michael Lewin can help you if you have been injured in a work accident and promise you the highest level of compensation claims advice in the UK so don?t delay call the personal injury team in Leeds: 0844 499 9302.

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