Work accident claims are an area in which Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in the UK so when Mr M reported he had been injured at work he was advised he was in the safe hands of professionals.

48 year old Mr M from Warrington was injured at work by defective equipment. All employers in the UK have a duty of care to their employees. They need to adhere to strict regulations to ensure the health safety and general welfare of all of their employees. Even though this area of legal responsibility is widely discussed still some employers are not fully aware of the legal implications of the responsibility they have. The size of an organisation is not relevant even if there is only one member of staff the same laws apply. An employer should understand the legal implications of their duty of care. In larger organisations this responsibility usually lies with another senior member of staff.

This person is responsible for carrying out risk assessments in all areas of the work place which identifies the health and safety risks to all employees. The outcome of the risk assessment may vary depending on the size of the organisation. If an organisation has five or more employees a record must be kept of the results.

If you need to speak to a legal expert regarding work accident claims in the UK you can be guaranteed a professional sympathetic and friendly service from the personal injury solicitors at Michael Lewin; they will work fiercely for the highest compensation possible and to bring your case to a quick conclusion.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to act upon a health and safety issue or they have acted incorrectly and this has caused and accident you can take legal action. It is advisable to take legal advice as this can be a very abstruse area of persona injury law.

If defective equipment has caused you to have an accident as in the case of Mr M then all avenues will be explored from a legal perspective to determine fault. This will involve a thorough check of service records. Any reports of defects or problems will be scrutinised. The number of times the equipment has been inspected will also be looked at.

There will also be questions asked regarding staff training. All staff operating equipment or machinery must be fully competent and aware of the correct safety procedures.

The good news is that you can instruct Michael Lewin Solicitors to make a claim on your behalf without having to make any payments at all. Not ever! This is because the conditional fee agreement or as it is more commonly known the no win no fee agreement means exactly what is says. Win or lose you don?t pay anything.

Call Michael Lewin Solicitors today if you require further information regarding work accident claims or if you have been injured at work in the UK through no fault of your own: 0844 499 9302.

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