Mr M has been the victim of a work accident. He came to Michael Lewin for compensation claim advice. He had been the victim of an unfortunate accident at work.

Mr M was 49 years old and he had been living in Norwich when his terrible accident at work occurred. He had tripped on a cable which had been left lying in a walkway at his workplace.

Our client has suffered soft tissue injury and bruising due to his accident from the cable being left in the walkway at work.

This is the type of injury that Michael Lewin see every day and which we are very pleased to be able to work on behalf of our client to get them compensation for the injuries that they have suffered. Frequently after slips or tripped like this clients can suffer terrible injuries. These injuries can range from small injuries such as small cuts and bruising but can include more severe injuries such as head injuries.

Every workplace has a duty of care to its employees. This duty of care is there to prevent any risks to the health of the employees working in the environment. It should also make sure that the workplace is a safe environment for their employees to carry out the role in which they have been employed to do. It should also ensure that all machinery and plants which are provided by the employer is safe for the employee to use. Workplaces also need to provide adequate first aid facilities for their employees on the site in which they are employed. Any potential hazards involved in work which you have been employed to do your employer should have told you about the precautions that the workplace have taken to ensure your safety whilst doing any work which involves potentially more hazards than the standard work.

If you have suffered from a work accident like Mr M you can come to the helpful staff at Michael Lewin a compensation claim advice our initial advice to you will be free over the phone. At this point we will be able to tell you whether you can take your claim further on a no win no fee basis.

If your company has over five employees then a health and safety workbook should be provided which should be freely available for all staff to peruse as and when they choose. Employers should welcome any input from their employees about how to help improve on the health and safety of their staff in the workplace.

Employers need to think very carefully about the prevention or control of exposure to substances which can cause employees harmed whether this is an instant had served whether this hazard is caused by prolonged exposure to a substance which may be harmful in the longer term.

If your employer has failed to do any of the above or if you would like further guidance about your employer’s responsibilities phone now to speak to our highly trained and caring member at Michael Lewin’s solicitors today.

Call Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302 today if you have suffered a work accident and would like compensation claim advice.

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