When Mr R from Derby was hit by a falling fence at work Michael Lewin Solicitors accepted his case on a no win no fee basis; Michael Lewin have an exceptional knowledge of work accident compensation claims and can provide the highest quality legal advice in the UK.

Mr R was left bruised and injured after he was hit by a falling perimeter fence at work. He was not at all to blame for the accident which encouraged him to seek legal advice regarding a claim for compensation for his ordeal.

A perimeter fence is designed to go around an area to prevent access. Most fences are made out of single vertical metal bars which are connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. Some of them have spikes on the top. Residential perimeter fences are usually constructed of wood and some fences may be constructed out of string-like pieces of metal stretching across horizontally and vertically.

Employers are duty bound to ensure that their employees are working in a safe environment. If defective equipment has caused an accident and injury to any employee all possible causes will be investigated.

Michael Lewin’s team of personal injury specialists are especially qualified to deal with any work accident compensation claim and will give every client professional sympathetic advice whilst working extremely hard to move their case towards a quick resolution in the UK.

There are countless claims made each year by people who have been injured by a falling object. Frequently due to the path of the falling object injuries are sustained by the object itself the most common being head injuries. Sometimes the impact of the falling object causes the person to trip or fall. Miss C was awarded ?1600.00 in compensation when a fire extinguisher at work fell on her foot. Mr J instructed Michael Lewin Solicitors after a crate of cucumbers slid off a shelf in a supermarket and crushed his knee.

It doesn?t matter if the accident is due to an item falling off a shelf or due to a poorly maintained building or construction. If the victim has been injured through no fault of their own and third party liability can be proved then a personal injury claim can be made.

Michael Lewin’s clients receive 100% of their compensation and they don?t have to pay any legal fees if they are not at fault for the accident. The legal fees are paid by the third party.

If you should need expert legal advice regarding a work accident or accident anywhere that wasn?t your fault don?t hesitate call Michael Lewin Solicitors today for the best compensation claim advice in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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