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Mr T from Coventry was 34 years old when he had his accident at work. There had been some debris on the floor at work which had caused him to slip and fall badly.

This obstruction on the floor should have been cleared away before it created an accident. Employers have a duty of care which includes creating a health and safety work leaflet which should be adhered to. This workbook should include details of how to prevent accidents at work. As a general rule all walkways should be kept clear of any obstruction. Very simple rules such as this should be in place in every workplace up and down the country. Employees need to be aware that employers have these legal obligations to ensure that their workplaces are safe and healthy as much as possible. Small changes in the way in which employees are advised to go about their day-to-day work make a huge difference to the amounts severity of any accidents which may occur.

If you have been involved in of work accident which is cause due injury come to a compensation claim solicitors at Michael Lewin. Our helpful dedicated solicitors are here to give you advice about your claim.

Every employer should have a person who deals with the health and safety matters. This person should be able to understand the issues around health and safety to be able to offer guidance to all the other employees in the workplace. The primary job of this person is to carry out a risk assessment which needs to identify the health and safety risks of every employee in the workplace. If the workplace has five or more employees the competent person aforementioned has to keep a record of the assessments results.

The risk assessment should take into effect any risks which are greater than normal; by this we could include any potentially more dangerous work such as manual handling. If manual handling cannot be avoided then a reduction in the risk of injury to manual workers must be contemplated. Any reduction of risk could include items such as police and trolleys to help manual workers to be able to deal with larger heavier items. Also if specialist equipment is required to provide protection to the employees this must be checked at regular intervals the signs of wear and tear. Any equipment which has not been regularly checked may be more likely to cause an accident to an employee. This accident could prove costly for the employer so it would be in their best interests in any of these cases to provide the correct equipment and risk assessment in the first place.

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