Many a work accident that occurs in a factory or warehouse involves forklift trucks or powered pallet trucks as they are environments which can be quite dangerous if care and attention is not used when operating equipment and machinery; anyone who is considering claiming compensation for an accident can speak to the reliable and professional team at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK.

Mr L was awarded more than ?8000.00 when he was struck by a powered pallet truck (PPT) which caused injuries to his back and leg.

Most accidents involving people being struck by forklift trucks or powered pallet trucks involve injuries to the legs and ankles. Many collisions occur because forklift trucks or PPT’s are used in congested areas where visibility is limited. Employers should ensure that there are safe walkways for pedestrians. They can also make use of signs which stop people from entering areas on foot where they may be in danger of colliding with a forklift or PPT.

There is also the danger of falling pallets. Staff should be fully trained in safe storage and stacking. Checks should be made for uneven floors and any defects fixed straight away.

Mr L suffered was left in pain as a result of his work accident and was entitled to claim compensation for his injuries; Michael Lewin Solicitors can help clients like Mr L determine liability for their accident in the UK and will support their compensation claim right the way through to a successful conclusion.

Many employers are uncomfortable that the onus for health and safety is on their shoulders. They worry about employees interfering with equipment or refusing to wear protective clothing.

Sections 7 and 8 of the health and safety at work act deals with these concerns.

Section 7 states that employees must not endanger themselves or others by their acts or omissions. In addition they must co-operate with their employers as long as this co-operation does not lead to an increased risk to health and safety or is an illegal act so that the employer can comply with their statutory duties thereby making the responsibility for safety a joint effort between employer and employee.

Section 8 states that no person (ie not just employees) shall knowingly intentionally or recklessly misuse abuse or interfere with anything provided in the interests of health and safety. Machine safeguards clearly fall under this section. It therefore follows that should any member of staff be found to be interfering with these devices and they have been provided with the necessary information training and adequate supervision to use the machine correctly disciplinary action should follow.

If you are the victim of a work accident if you have been injured by a forklift truck or PPT if the accident wasn?t your fault and you want help claiming compensation talk to Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK where you are guaranteed a professional and friendly service: 0844 499 9302.

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