Michael Lewin are very proud of their track record in dealing with work accident injury compensation claim cases; all of our dedicated staff are committed to getting their clients the maximum compensation for the injuries that they have sustained.

Mr T who lived in Chatteris was 50 years old when he was injured in a workplace accident. He had been unloading some stock for his employer when he was struck in the face by the cage door.

According to the 1974 health and safety act any workplaces with more than five employees should have a trained competent individual acting as the health and safety executive. The main task of this executive is to carry out a risk assessment for every duty which employees need to perform to fulfil their role within the company. Some roles will have greater potential for accidents occurring than others. As a very simple example if you take a manual worker and an office worker the greater the likelihood is that the manual worker would be injured more frequently than the office worker just because of the natural differences in the job role. As such employers who have workers who have to perform manual roles need to take a greater responsibility for the well-being of their staff.

I have been involved in a work accident due to the financial losses that this injury has caused would I be entitled to make a compensation claim with a law firm such as Michael Lewin? If I did wish to proceed with a compensation claim would I need to pay upfront fees?

Our client Mr T was exceptionally lucky not to have sustained much more serious injuries. The worry with any facial injury is that either a scar is left or that hearing or eyesight is affected. Facial injuries can be very upsetting for clients as there is not much that can be done to cover the face in the event of a scar being permanent. Our client suffered bruising redness and swelling to the area of his face which was affected by the cage door banging open onto it. He found that he was unable to sleep soundly for a few nights after his accident as he was unable to lie on the side which had been affected by the accident.

Risk assessment could have helped in this situation; a simple tie or locking device could have held the cage door open for all employees as they unloaded stock from the cage. Preventable accidents like these are precisely the reason that Michael Lewin get a sense of pride in the job that we do. We are very pleased to be able to get the compensation that is rightfully theirs for our clients who come to us in their time of need.

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