Michael Lewin were delighted to help Mrs P from Rotherham with her work accidents compensation claim. Mrs P had been involved in an unfortunate slip which caused her accident at work.

Mrs P was 28 at the time of her accident; she slipped on an item which had been left on the floor. A chip which had been left on the floor caused her to slip whilst she was carrying plates whilst performing her daily role at work.

Our client was very badly shaken after her accident she suffered soft tissue injuries and swelling to the areas that she bumped as she fell. It is unfortunate that 40 workers in the space of a year in general lose their lives due to slip trip and fall incidents in the workplace. This shocking figure in many cases could be avoided if basic rules were followed to reduce the risk of slips and trips at work or in public places.

These basic rules which must be followed in order to reduce the risk of slips and trips at work are fairly common sense. Basic house- keeping rules are vital; water and contaminants should be cleared up immediately after they are spilt. Particular care and attention needs to be given if liquids and foodstuffs are being handled on a daily basis.When an employer performs a risk assessment it needs to include a written procedure for dealing with spillages and these procedures should be monitored for their effectiveness as part of a risk assessment process which all employers are required to undertake.

I have been with injured at work; I am wondering if accidents compensation specialists at Michael Lewin can help me with my claim for compensation after my injuries.

Employees should also look to check if their employer has employer’s liability and an up-to-date certificate of employer’s liability insurance. This certificate should clearly show the minimum level of cover and the company covered by the policy. This certificate does not give your employer the right to ignore any further health and safety guidelines; however it is a statutory requirement to have this available on request. From 2008 employers may have received a copy of this certificate electronically; this method of displaying the certificate has been acceptable since then. If you happen to notice that you workplace is not providing equipment which is fully up-to-date and safe to use then you need to inform the health and safety executive within your organisation.

Employees can refuse to work with equipment which they feel provides an increased risk of injury to themselves on those grounds. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees who choose not to work on that basis.

If you feel you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation are experienced solicitors will be able to advise you fully about the viability of your claim for free.

Michael Lewin deal with many work accidents over the period of the year call 0844 499 9302 if you would like their specialist solicitors to take on your case for compensation.

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