Michael Lewin have specialist solicitors who deal with work accidents and injuries that are caused by work accidents on a daily basis come to our specialists if you would like to make a compensation claim after you been injured at work.

Our client Mrs H from Devon was 44 years of age when she was badly injured whilst performing a routine task in work. She sustained a fractured scaphoid whilst she attempted to lift a component from a machine at work.

Sadly many workplaces do not provide the correct amount of training for their employees. There are rules which state in the 1974 health and safety act that adequate information training and instruction is required of all workers. This training is not a set amount; it will be dependent on the age and competency of the employee. Supervision and training will be much greater for new processes and for young and inexperienced employees. Training must also be well thought out because training to use a computer may allow mistakes to happen however mistakes cannot be allowed to happen when younger or inexperienced workers are in charge of large electrical equipment.

Any fractured bone requires the sufferer to undergo a period of rehabilitation whilst the bone is resetting. Scaphoid fractures are the most common type of carpal bone fractures; these fractures usually cause pain and sensitivity to the sufferers. Fractures can take between 6 to 12 weeks of being put in a cast to heal. If blood flow is disrupted by the fracture the bone will not heal. Surgery may be necessary to allow the fracture to heal.

Michael Lewin’s highly trained work accidents solicitors are very competent in dealing with compensation claims on behalf of the victims of workplace injuries.

If you feel that your workplace did not provide adequate information or training and instruction for you to perform a task which you were allocated to achieve then you can call Michael Lewin to help you to get the compensation you deserve after an injury which has been caused by this inadequate training. Workplaces should give training on the correct procedure is the lifting and moving any items which are required to be moved as part of the role which the employee is expected to perform. These manual handling injuries frequently occur however they could very easily be prevented by the use of simple training for employees.

If you have suffered financial losses after any type of injury due to something which you feel may be negligence by your workplace the highly qualified solicitors at Michael Lewin will be able to definitively tell you one way or another whether you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for the injuries or financial losses that you have suffered.

Call Michael Lewin on0844 499 9302 to start your work accidents compensation claim today after you have suffered any financial losses or any type of injury due to negligence on behalf of your employer.

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