Mrs O made a public liability case for compensation after suffering a work injury whilst carrying out her job; the claims experts at Michael Lewin managed to pursue her claim and settle a sizeable compensation amount on her behalf.

Mrs P made a case for public liability insurance even though her accident took place whilst she was working. The reason for this is because her employers were not responsible for her accident. The public place in which she was carrying out her duties were negligent in their duty to keep members of the public safe which is what let do Mrs O’s accident.

Mrs O works as a meter reader for a utility company. Mrs O had to go to a pub to read their meter. Mrs O went down the cellar steps in the pub the cellar steps were rotten. As a result of the rotten steps Mrs O fell down them into the cellar. Mrs O suffered injuries to her back. Michael Lewin Solicitors worked hard on behalf of Mrs O to claim the compensation she deserved from the pub for allowing her to use faulty and defective equipment.

The cellar steps were clearly a health and safety hazard and steps should have been taken to ensure that they were either mended or put out of use.

Michael Lewin’s work injury claims specialist in London can advise you about claiming compensation whether you have been injured in an accident at work or in an accident in a public place. As long as the accident was not your fault you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

If health and safety rules are not adhered to employers or managers of public premises are just asking for an accident to happen. All employers have a duty to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for all employees. So do occupiers of places that are regularly frequented by the general public.

Michele Lewin solicitors specialise in various different areas of liability law and can make a claim for almost any accident provided it was not your fault.

Don?t be apprehensive about making a claim following an accident in a public place. Owners of premises and properties that are regularly visited by the public are required under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to take reasonable care to ensure their premises are safe. If this duty is being breached either by the negligence of the business or its members of staff then an accident could occur. If this has happened to you you should seek compensation if you have sustained any injuries as a result.

Any accident in a public place claim will be dealt with by the insurance company that has provided them with public liability cover; more often than not these claims are settled out of court and the compensation is paid quickly directly from the insurers.

To start your claim for a work injury or for accident in a public place claims advice call Michael Lewin Solicitors in London today on 0844 499 9302.

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