Work accidents and personal injury claims are an area in which Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in the UK so they were able to support Mr S when he was hurt in a fall at work.

48 year old Mr S from Bradford in West Yorkshire was injured at work when he slipped over a broken grate. This is a classic example of one of the many causes of trips and falls in the work place or in a public place. Injuries caused by trips over grates pot holes or any uneven surface can vary considerably. Luckily many accidents result in minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. However in more serious cases a trip or fall can lead to sprains fractures breaks nasty lacerations and even serious head injuries. The severity of the injury and the level of hazard which caused the fall will impact the compensation award.

In any organisation there will be a senior member of staff responsible for the health and safety of the employees. This person is responsible for conducting risk assessments in all areas of the work place. This indentifies any health and safety risks to employees. The rules apply regardless of the size of an organisation.

If you have had an accident at work and need to speak to a legal expert concerning a compensation claim for your injury you will be in safe hands with Michael Lewin Solicitors whose personal injury team deliver a professional and friendly service to all clients making claims in the UK.

You need to consider taking legal action if you think your employer or a colleague has failed to act upon a health and safety issue or they have acted incorrectly. Either way if they have caused an accident they are liable for any injuries sustained by the victim.

Personal Injury is an extremely complicated area of the law and it is vital that you get expert legal help as soon as possible after an accident. You need to be seen by a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis of your injuries. The amount of compensation is determined not only by the severity of your injuries but the recovery time and impact on your daily life at the time of the accident and in the future.

When Mrs B tripped in a pot hole at work and injured her shoulder Michael Lewin negotiated ?5000.00 in compensation on her behalf.

If you have had an accident at work and suffered any injury don?t hesitate call Michael Lewin Solicitors today for further information regarding compensation claims in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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