To get dedicated and experienced help after work injury to make a compensation claim come to our professional team of lawyers at Michael Lewin we are committed to getting you the maximum compensation in as short a time that we can.

Mr A from Leeds was injured whilst using defective equipment in work. He was 30 when his accident happened in his workplace. He suffered a very nasty laceration to his hand after using a defective angle grinder which he was provided by his employer.

Defective equipment is a frequent cause of accidents that Michael Lewin deal with on a daily basis. If it is found that defective equipment has caused an accident in the workplace and resulted in any injuries to employee all possible causes will be investigated. Checks will be made on the risk assessment and health and safety regulations which the employer has provided to the employee. The equipment which has caused the injury will need to have its service records checked and the employer may be asked to provide a report which details each piece of machinery issued by the workplace with an in-depth service history. Reported defects which have not been attended to will obviously not prove terribly favourable for an employer.

For any work injury compensation claim come to the lawyers at Michael Lewin for professional and compassionate independent advice about the validity of your claim. Michael Lewin give this advice for free over the phone.

Adequate information training and instruction is required for every worker. The amount of training and instruction that will be required will vary from task to task and employees to employee. As an example younger employees who are in charge of more obviously dangerous equipment such as welding equipment may require a great deal more supervision and training but the more experienced older worker. Thus the term adequate training is utilised as many tasks where training is not fully comprehensive may be very forgiving; if as a computer operator you are not told the full operating instructions for your computer no harm will physically happen however as a welder the same cannot be said.

Our client was incredibly lucky not to have sliced through a major artery. His hand has taken a very long time to heal after the laceration that it suffered. Large cuts such as the one that our client suffered can require surgical intervention to allow the hands to heal correctly. If you have suffered after using defective equipment like our client then as specialists at Michael Lewin will be able to help you to get compensation for the injuries that you have suffered.

Any equipment which is allocated to allow employees to perform work tasks as requested by employers has got to be free from defects so that employees are not hurt.

To get work injury compensation after an accident at work call 0844 499 9302 and experienced caring lawyers at Michael Lewin will be on the other end of the phone to give you help and advice about the specifics of your particular case.

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