If you have suffered from work injury and need compensation any losses which you have sustained as a direct result of that injury our claims specialists at Michael Lewin can be of assistance to you during this dreadful time.

Mr P from Preston was just 24 years of age when he suffered his unfortunate accident at his workplace. His accident happened at the end of November and he was very worried about not being up and about as usual in time for Christmas. He injured his back after slipping on some water which had been brought in earlier by the animals at work. Slips and trips of this nature occur very regularly to prevent these sorts of slips trips and falls it is recommended that all employers ensure that they carry out a risk assessment at least once a year. Slips and trips can be easily prevented by adhering to a few very simple housekeeping procedures. o Tables should have a lip around them to prevent liquids from dripping onto the floor o Walkways should be kept keep clear of obstructions o Spills should be dealt with immediately and where possible this should be as a liquid free clean-up o Floors should be designed from a non-slippery surface o cleaning staff should be prevented from using cleaning products which can increase the slip factor of the floor surface o Footwear should always be chosen for the role for which the staff member needs to perform if you have suffered from a work injury and need help to get compensation Michael Lewin’s solicitors deal with accident claims to benefit their clients every day. We have 10 years of experience with making compensation claims our experts can help you. Our client felt that the water which had been dragged in by the animals should have been cleaned up immediately; he felt that the accident that he suffered was as a direct result of that water not being removed from the floor straightaway. Sore backs and backache accounts for a very high proportion of the days off which employees take. These days off workincur a cost. This cost is borne by the employer and if the employer is responsible for causing the back injury which the client is suffering then the employer may also need to pay compensation to the employee. There may also be secondary costs such as needing to retrain another member of staff to perform the duties which were performed by that individual who has been injured. The employer may also have to pay for any legal fees which he may incur whilst fighting an employee’s claim for compensation. These are all financial costs; we have not taken into consideration here the emotional and physical costs of an accident which was easily preventable. Companies should also look at their employees and consider if morally they are treating their staff correctly. Michael Lewin will be very pleased to help any client who has suffered a work injury as result of the workplace accident to get compensation for their claims; please call our dedicated team on 0844 499 9302.

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