Michael Lewins experts were used by Mr W to ensure he got work place accidents solicitors with a great deal of experience to get him compensation in Manchester.

Mr W was 31 years of age when he was injured at his workplace. He had been holding open the side curtains of a lorry trailer for the forklift driver to access the bed of the truck. The forklift driver drove over our client’s foot and crushed it.

Our client suffered swelling and pain after his foot had been badly crushed.

In organisations where workers regularly use trolleys and fork lift trucks extra safety precautions should be taken to ensure that the vehicles do not collide either with each other or with pedestrians. In our experience simple procedures generally work extremely well.

Accidents like these which are easily preventable can be extremely frustrating for the staff member involved. For staff to feel valued occasionally employers may need to consult exterior health and safety officials for advice. The small outlay of an expense can frequently save employers money in the longer term and the provision of a safe and secure environment for employees to work in cannot be overstated in terms of the mental well-being for the entire workforce.

For work place accidents solicitors to take on your case for compensation then Michael Lewin are very experienced in dealing with all aspects of your claim in Manchester.

As he was in no way to blame for his accident he felt that he should be able to make a claim for the injuries he suffered. Employees are also responsible for their own health and safety in the workplace. You do have the right to refuse to do a job if you believe it is not safe or if you have not been provided with the correct equipment to do the job. Your employer cannot dismiss you or threaten to dismiss you if you refuse to work for genuine health and safety concerns for yourself or your colleagues. If you have any concerns about health and safety at work you should always talk to your employer first; they may simply be unaware of any problems. If your employer does not listen to your concerns and act upon them as a final resort you may have to report them to the local authority’s environmental health department.

Compensation can be awarded if you have not caused the accident which has caused you to be injured. This compensation can be for petrol costs to and from the hospital if you need to attend visits due to your injuries it can also cover any losses which you may have incurred from your wages after being placed on sick pay for example.

If you think you are entitled to workplace accidents compensation and you want to start making your claim today call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Manchester on:0844 499 9302.

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