Michael Lewin Solicitors have an exceptionally skilled personal injury team who are dedicated to managing claims for work place accidents in the UK; they helped Mr R when he sustained terrible injuries in a laboratory at work.

Slips trips and falls in the workplace have increased over the last few years despite the vast amount of information and publicity that is now available regarding health and safety at work. Slips and trips are the most common cause of accidents at work and have cost society millions in compensation pay outs. Most workplace deaths are caused by falls from height.

Mr R contacted Michael Lewin after he slipped on a test tube at work and injured his ribs. He also developed an associated lung infection. The diagnosis and treatment of a lung infection is a very lengthy and uncomfortable process for the victim. Victims like Mr R not only suffer physical injuries as a result of their accident they also suffer a loss of earnings due to the significant amount of time off work required in order to treat their injuries.

Loss of earnings is also taken into account when compensation is being awarded. What is also included is any future impact on earnings if the recovery period is likely to be lengthy or if the victim is unlikely to recover at all.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury team are exceptionally skilled negotiators when it comes to securing compensation for their clients and have successfully resolved many cases involving work place accidents in the UK ensuring that their clients receive the maximum compensation for their suffering.

There are many basic health and safety procedures which must be followed to reduce the risk of slips trips and falls at work. Water and contaminants should be kept away from walkways and if they do spill they should be cleaned up immediately. Signage must be used to warn people of any hazard until the spillage has been cleared. Any employees such as cleaners who are exposed to wet floors should be provided with suitable footwear. Particular care and attention should be taken during the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors.

Slippery surfaces are a major health and safety risk anywhere and the consequences can be very serious.

If you would like to make a claim for a slip trip fall at work or need to discuss any work place accidents with a legal expert in the UK Michael Lewin Solicitors are waiting to help you call them today on: 0844 499 9302.

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