Case Study: harassment and discrimination claims

Workplace Harassment Compensation Uk Do you feel that in your workplace you have been subjected to harassment or discrimination for which you now seek compensation in the UK? If you have been forced to endure harassment at work or have been discriminated against by your employer and you could be entitled to compensation and should consult the highly qualified legal experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors the discussion your case confidentially and find out how we could help you bring a claim against your employer at an employment tribunal so that you secure the maximum compensation award available to you with the minimum amount of hassle for you.

The professional employment law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are currently looking into a case for Ms A from London after she recently contacted us regarding her pregnancy and sex discrimination resulting in unfair dismissal.

Our team need to determine if her dismissal was indeed due to her pregnancy in which case she would have the right to make a claim for discrimination at work and bring the claim against your employer to implement tribunal. In these circumstances our dedicated legal professionals could take on this case on a contingency basis to avoid any risk for Ms A with regards to making a claim.

Has your employer or other workers at your workplace subjected you to harassment or discrimination and you are now looking for legal professionals who are experienced in handling cases of this nature who could help you pursue a compensation claim in the UK? If you have been forced to endure harassment or discrimination at work and this is caused you to not only lose out financially but has caused you to suffer anxiety or injury to your feelings then you could be entitled to compensation and should look no further than the highly skilled legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice and guidance regarding bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal.

Pregnant employees have rights which really cannot be fairly dismissed because:

? Of any reason that is in some way connected with the pregnancy.

? They are on maternity leave.

? They have taken or want to take any additional maternity leave.

? Of not keeping in touch with your employer during maternity leave period.

? If a health and safety issue means that the employee could be or has been suspended from work without pay.

It would also be unfair of an employer to dismiss an employee if they did not give at least 28 days’ notice of the employee’s maternity leave end date and it was not practical for the employee to return to work within that time.

To start making a claim for workplace harassment or discrimination with the highly skilled and extremely dedicated legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could use our extensive experience to help you secure the full compensation that you justly deserve for the harassment and discrimination which you have been forced to tolerate and that has affected your work call our friendly and caring staff today no matter where you are in the UK on: (0844) 844 9866.

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